art imitating life, life imitating art

It’s been far, far too long and this blog has been overly neglected, but you know what? It’s with really fantastic reason. In the last year, I’ve gotten engaged to an amazing man, started freelancing on a regular basis, moved closer to my old town near Chicago, and soon – a wedding. Dun duun duuuun. […]

With a really challenging case of [the Plague] Bronchitis and Laryngitis. While I’m sure the people I’m living with have enjoyed the quiet, finally, I have a voice back and a clear head to refocus on work. Really hoping to complete a few projects before Jon’s visit in 9 days. 9 days!!

Recent impromptu plane trip to VA yielded the first time I’ve had a chance to practice without distraction in a long time. Not sure what’s happening here, except that I could really use a decent scanner. One day…

So, not too long ago my boss asked me to sketch a portrait of his wife that was meant to be a birthday gift for her. Now, in my experience, people don’t generally like receiving portraits of themselves as gifts unless you’re drawing them as, let’s say, a superhero or something like that. Since this […]

Misuse of index cards at work, kinda pretty though. Eventually it was filled up with a whole bunch of messages, phone numbers, etc. Such is the life of office supplies…

Hello Stranger

Well, it’s certainly been a while. And while I’m contemplating what to do with this blog-like-thing, I’ve updated the look and feel for my portfolio – you know, the place with the *good stuff*. Check it out!

Another rough sketch, based on another vintagy public domain image and very likely to never be finished. My sketch made her look concerned, begging almost, whereas in the photo she looks a bit emotionless. Like apathetic pleading. Hmm… either way, I like how the backgrounds are always so blurry in all these 1900 photographs and […]